17 Frames That Vividly Demonstrate How Effectively We Can Deceive Our Eyes

No matter how we try to carefully look around and look at everything around us, sometimes the insidious vision still manages to deceive us. This is how human consciousness works – we just glimpse and suddenly see that the chairs are levitating, the car does not have enough wheels, and the cat, on the contrary, has an extra paw. Here are a few cases when you need to take a closer look and understand – no, it just seemed like it!

Flying chairs? Why not


Photographed the dog in the window so that it turned out to be an old picture


It will be difficult to find shoes with such a long toe.


All the time it seems that someone is watching me


What a beautiful river … But wait a minute!


It took a very long time to look to understand that it was a stone!

My dog ​​completely lost his head


How do you taste levitating Pepsi?


The way my friend dries his shoes really scared me


Scared that my car was missing a wheel


The way husband and son hold hands at first puzzled me


My dog ​​fell asleep under the pillow


Briefly about how I almost got a heart attack.

It was rather difficult to follow this view.


My dog ​​knows how to wear glass on his head


No, she’s not on the flight


How many paws does he have?


Little people worked on our fence today


The Birdman is our new superhero


Maybe our eyes are deceiving us to make it even more exciting to look at everything?