17 Failed Cases When Designers Didn’t Think Too Much About Their Work and The Result Came Out Right

When working on their projects, designers have to take into account a thousand different little things – whether it’s planning an entire street or a small room. And, apparently, at some point, some specialists get so tired that not only concentration fails them, but also simple human logic! Well, how else to explain the appearance of such ill-conceived, stupid, inconvenient, and sometimes even dangerous structures? For example, these are.

It would be better if they cut off the top of the door, at least the handle was not so low then.


Going nowhere


Handicapped parking near my school

Phoenix Rider

Doorstop installed with pinpoint precision


This wicket will securely protect everything!


What else snow?


Snow gets stuck and accumulates right at the traffic lights. If anything, this is a world-class ski area and snow should be a key factor in all design decisions!

The socket is right next to the shower, and not behind the curtain

Bigger Chip

We finally have a bike path!


It’s good that I didn’t have to read what is written here


Yes, we didn’t think so. But they fixed their flaw as best they could!

AMillion Monkeys

Shower in our hostel. My height is 170 cm


The handle on the stove is so close to the fire that it gets terribly hot.


I don’t know who invented these stairs


They look like they are some kind of glitch in a computer game!

The benches are so close to the edge of the roof that when it rains, all the water flows onto them.


Every movement in this tiny soul is capable of causing a tsunami.


Every time I do the dishes, I accidentally turn off the light.


Such steps await you on both sides of the bridge.


As you can see, even the experts do not always succeed perfectly. But next time will definitely be better!