17 Extraordinary Trees That Expertly Mimic Monsters, Humans, and Mythical Creatures

On the surface, trees may appear harmless, but they possess peculiarities that often go unnoticed. Occasionally, they exhibit a mischievous tendency to transform themselves into sinister monsters, fantastical creatures, animals, and even human-like forms, leaving those who encounter them with a range of emotions. Some are awestruck by nature’s ingenuity, while others are gripped with fear for an extended period of time.

It’s likely that you too have stumbled upon such amazing trees that go to great lengths to mimic something or someone else. If you haven’t had the opportunity to witness them yet, we invite you to take a look at the captivating photos below.

On this tree grew a strange fellow


Screaming tree


A tree that could star in a horror movie


Better than any decor. You don’t even need to think of anything.

The most evil tree in the world

Napoleonic code



Sinister hand


Forward! For a run!


Giant oak tree with a scary face


Phyton tree

Golden Chinchilla

A graceful dragon inspects his forest possessions


Another dragon


At night it is better not to pass by such a tree.


The longer you look at the photos, the more uncomfortable it becomes.

This tree looks like a monster


Looks like he’s looking at you!

What emotions, what acting!


I was walking in the forest and saw this tree. I had a small heart attack


Ask the Witcher for help.

It only moves when you are not looking.

I was riding my bike to my office when I thought I saw a little hippo peeking out from behind a tree.

Witty Bangalan

Sitting alone, bored


Pareidolia is the phenomenon where a genuine object creates an optical illusion, often leading to a mistaken interpretation. It’s not just trees that are prone to this tendency, as figures of animals, humans, birds, and even mythical creatures can be perceived on almost anything, anywhere.