17 Examples Of How Cafes And Restaurants Decided To Add Zest Not To Dishes But To Design And Interior Details

Why do you think people usually go to cafes and restaurants? Yes, first of all, to eat something tasty! But do not underestimate the importance of the atmosphere: it is one thing to dine at home, and quite another to come to some unusual place. That is why many restaurants pay so much attention to the interior and to the smallest design details. Let’s see what, besides the kitchen, they are trying to surprise and attract visitors!

The perfect kid’s menu!


This is how sugar is served in cafes


This coffee table can be raised and lowered with a handle


A saucepan instead of a sink is a very logical move for a restaurant


Here they use milk cartons as coffee trays.


Sign on the bathroom door at my favorite restaurant


Caption: “Whoever you are, just wash your hands.”

Boat-shaped tables at a Vietnamese seafood restaurant


Walked past a restaurant and saw that they were using an overturned car as decoration.


Paul at a local restaurant. Even though it’s fake, it’s still cool!


Visitors to this cafe note where they came from


Swing tables at Singapore International Airport


A bank was located on the premises of this restaurant a year ago.

delicious clambounty

Now, if you manage to book a table, you can dine right in the bank vault!

And one more culinary detail of the interior – grater lamps


The most themed sinks in Ford’s Garage restaurant


Here, children’s books are used to number the tables. Read while you wait for dinner!


Letters from the game “Scrabble” tell the names of pastries


Two-meter Bumblebee in a Thai restaurant. Why not!


Well, it remains to be hoped that the cooking in these establishments is treated with the same imagination as the design!