17 Disastrous Photos That Hit The Jackpot By Hitting The Shutter Button At The Right Time

What can go wrong while photographing? It turns out that everything! Any shot can turn out completely different from what the photographer and the model planned, if fate intervenes in this process, which has prepared some kind of pod for people. But real professionals are not stopped by failures – they still manage to press the shutter button at the right time and at the right moment. And only then they begin to deal with the consequences of what happened.

The father took a photo at the moment when the ostrich decided to bite his mother


Stop, moment, you are wonderful!


A second after I said that the bag was about to break


My husband decided that it was a good idea to take me in his arms, standing on the bank of the stream.


She has already realized the whole deplorable situation, but he has not yet


Nice photo with pigeons didn’t work

SmileyFace -_-

I just said that a cat never falls into a pool.


Real treasures can be found in family albums


The neighbor’s child narrowly escaped the fall


The camel was clearly against the photos


The wind blew my hat off my head exactly at the moment when we were taking pictures


We had to watch my hat sink in the river. Rest in peace, hat.

My parents’ puppy miscalculated his jump a bit


12 years ago, dad took this picture.


Kids and beer are a bad combination.


A photo that has become a legend in my family


A shot taken a second before my mom was hit by a baseball.

I missed the cake while posing with him