17 Confusing Photos That Show That Sometimes You Should Not Even Trust Your Own Eyes

Considering how many things we see around us every day, it is not surprising that we simply do not have time to carefully look at everything. And all these fleeting glances are fraught with the fact that our own eyes often deceive us! We glance at something and suddenly see a mutant cat, levitating balconies, a car straight out of a cartoon… What is it all about? Let’s figure it out!

Well, well, where are the legs?


House with flying balconies


Just my friends by the river


One body is good, but two is better


Our dinner took off unexpectedly

Zapp Brannigans Law

My friend is feeding the antelope

bomb shell pumps

Yes, it’s a mutant cat!


I just keep two cats that are very similar.

Marks on the asphalt in 3D


Photos of the balconies of our university


Oh those insidious glass countertops


Children grow up very fast


Incredibly starry sky? No, it’s just time to wash the windshield


At first, I thought it was a curly guy swimming in the ocean

Well, to some extent it is. Someone is swimming and holding this sea urchin!

World’s largest dog found

Redbear VIII

Why make a window in the wall of the cubicle?


Cars from the cartoon “Cars” exist!


A clever reflection makes it look like someone is stretching right in the parking lot.


Well, maybe our eyes sometimes fail us to look at everything even more interesting?