17 Buildings From All Over The World That Make Life More Convenient And At The Same Time Delight With Beauty

The ability to properly build up a city and make its infrastructure functional and beautiful is an important skill that not everyone has. However, those who are lucky enough to have one have some really interesting ideas. In every country, there is always something of a kind that not only attracts the eye with its appearance but also helps to make the life of its residents more comfortable. Here we have collected several buildings that combine beauty and convenience at the same time.

Bailong elevator in China – it takes tourists to the observation deck at the top of the mountain


The Pontkisillte aqueduct in the UK can be walked and sailed at the same time


Suspended railway in Wuppertal, Germany. Launched on March 1, 1901


Cell tower disguised as a cactus


Bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Waste incineration plant on the island of Amager, Denmark. There is a ski slope on the roof of the factory

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Kechut reservoir in Armenia


This reservoir is interesting in the shape of its place for water discharge. It looks like a flower and is often referred to as a “daisy”.

A gutter in London that has been slightly altered for today’s reality


Bridges in Chongqing, China that connect two buildings


Heated Streets in Holland, USA


Øresund Bridge connects Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmo in Sweden


Trail for tourists under the bridge in Taichung, Taiwan


The dragon-shaped bridge in Shanghai


An eco-product in the Netherlands that allows animals to cross the road safely


Houses in the Danish commune of Brønnby


Here people can rent houses for the summer. The round shape of the area is a tribute to tradition. There used to be a well in the center of the Danish village, around which houses were built.

In Minneapolis, USA, there is a system of transitions between buildings, which connects buildings in an area of ​​15 kilometers


Monorail at the South Korean arboretum


Even if people stop using all these structures, they will not become less attractive.