16 Works By A French Artist Who Transforms Shabby Corners Into 3D Objects That Are Frightening In Their Realism

Welcome to the magical world of graffiti! And it will clearly not be the scribbles that you saw in the driveway. We want to show you the works of a French artist with the pseudonym SCAF. He creates 3D drawings in the most inconspicuous corners that look insanely realistic and sometimes even frightening because often his choice falls on the image of reptiles, snakes, and spiders. See for yourself!

Huge snake

The Dragon

Who is the fisherman here?


Butterfly hunt


Pink Elephant

Where is the real artist?

You have three wishes

Fishing did not go according to plan

Arachnophobia entered the chat

Spider captivity


Looking around the corner

You have probably already noticed that the artist loves to take pictures with his work himself, creating another work – a creative sho

Be careful!