16 Terrestrial Landscapes That Look Like Something From A Completely Different Planet

In order to get extraterrestrial sensations from the species around you, it is absolutely not necessary to fly to a distant, distant galaxy. It is enough just to go 10 thousand kilometers in any direction from your own city, and there the same familiar Earth will surely show itself from a completely different and unrecognizable side.

Almost every country has at least one natural object that can be described as anomalous or simply strange compared to our usual idea of ​​what the Earth should look like. Take a look at these photos – they are not just mountains, forests and lakes, but as if their alien counterparts.

In winter in Finland, the temperature drops to -40C, and the trees, completely covered with snow, look like this


Large prismatic source, USA

 Heidrun Homburg

Located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Greg sinclair

This amazing place consists of about 40 thousand interconnected basalt columns formed after a volcanic eruption.

Tuff towers near Lake Mono, California, USA


Fly – artificial geyser, Nevada, USA


In 1916, in this place, people accidentally punched a geothermal pocket while trying to drill a well for a well. Then nature did everything herself.

Salt processing plant in Australia


Tianji Mountains, China


This place looks so unearthly that the mountains were used in the movie “Avatar”, showing them as part of the planet Pandora.

Dallol volcano, Ethiopia

Victoria Rogotneva

Mount Roraima, South America


Namib Desert in Namibia


It looks like a drawing, but this is a local attraction – the petrified trees in the Namib Desert, which is considered the oldest in the world.

Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska

Kent mearig

Zhangye Danxia National Geopark , China


Uyuni, Bolivia


A dried up salt lake with an area of ​​over 10 thousand square kilometers.

Dragon Trees, Socotra Island

Csilla Zelko

Cleluk or Spotted Lake – a mineral lake in British Columbia, Canada


These bizarre circles are multi-colored deposits of minerals. They are best seen in summer when most of the water dries up.

Skaftafell Glacier, Iceland


Which of these planets would you like to visit the most?