16 Situations When Something So Strange Happened That There Are Many More Questions Than Answers

Every day we are surrounded by approximately the same things, life flows in its usual way, and nothing really can surprise us… But this is not certain! Sometimes we suddenly find ourselves in such unexpected circumstances, and something so ridiculous happens nearby that we want to scratch our heads thoughtfully and clarify – what is actually happening? Where does the chair in the shower come from and why is a goat sitting in someone’s backpack? There seems to be no answer to these questions!

Why are there chairs in this restaurant right in front of the toilet?


When not sure how to use the cart correctly..


Just 4am in the supermarket


My girlfriend’s father has a special approach to the interior.


Dress with four sleeves. Just in case!


At the local zoo. Not very much like a llama


When I lied a little in my resume.

I was buying coffee at a gas station and suddenly I saw it


Boy playing on tablet in bowling while sitting in a bowling alley


I noticed a woman who was talking about art to a cat


Such a car was driving in front of us


Nowhere sleeps as well as in the parking lot


The tenants of the apartment called and said that the toilet stopped flushing


When the plumber came to them, I saw this.

Spotted at the university. A goat in a backpack, nothing like that


Just one question: why?


Yes, I also have no idea what’s going on here


When we took all the parking spaces


How did you manage to find an explanation for these mysterious situations?