16 Photos Where You Can See What Happened A Second Before Something Happened

Photography was created so that we could capture the bright moments of our life – only sometimes these pictures are not at all what we expected! It often turns out that exactly at the very second when you press the button, everything suddenly does not go according to plan: a ball flies into someone’s head, a glass of drink suddenly falls out of his hands … And sometimes someone deliberately starts some kind of deceit, and it enters the frame. As a result, we can see a photo from the series “a second before the disaster”. For example, such.

Building a reliable tower is not easy


Unidentified flying sneaker


No one warned that overtaking at the finish line could be dangerous


Well, at least the headphones would be sorry!


This is how we learn important life lessons.


Now he won’t trust Diet Coke for a long time.

Everything in the game is always changing too fast


The best photo from the party is ready, you can disperse


There is only a second left before the deafening scream


Future champion


Few can boast of such a shot from a vacation.


Memorable family photo


A second later, because of the shot, the new lens of my camera broke.

The calmness of this woman can only be envied


Well-aimed hit

 Vadge /

One wheel will be enough too, won’t it?


A second later, only the icing on the nose was left from the cake.


Catch him, granny!


Catching such a bright moment in a photo is not an easy task, but sometimes it still works.