16 Photos That Showed How The Past Tense Is Reflected In Things And The World Around Us

Hours, days, months, and years are changing everything around us, constantly turning newly purchased items into vintage ones. There is no escape from this, so all that remains for us is to observe how our environment changes. Children’s toys, passports, personal belongings, and even cities – all this time gives a new look and even a special charm of antiquity, which is so pleasant to look at.

The chain is so rusted that it looks like wood


On the right is the same coin of 1921, only it was carried in the pocket for 63 years


“How in 10 years my dog ​​lost spots around his eyes”

short -_- cakes

The toy on the right is 26 years old


“My dog ​​runs around the pool in the same way.”


This knife was sharpened so much that almost nothing remained of its blade.


On the right is the postman’s hat he wore for five years, and on the left is a new one


Photo of Moscow with a difference of 20 years


Time changes not only things but also the world around us. We have already written about examples of how much our environment has changed, and it is a pleasure to look at these pictures!

200-year-old right-handed butcher’s table


Protection for the keyboard, which has been used since 2014


From constant use of the skateboard, a drawing became visible, which was painted over.


The tree eats up the signs, and people continue to hang new ones.


“My new and old passport, which is already 10 years old”


In some countries, the passport has long ceased to be just a boring document with the owner’s name and surname.

“The badge on my friend’s dog collar is worn out.”


Waves grind off the stone on the coast

“I bought my dad a new shaving brush instead of the one he had been using for over 30 years.”


Do you like things that time has left its mark on?