16 Photos That Show That pranks And jokes Are One Of The Best Ways To Strengthen The Family

There are many ways to maintain family ties: keeping traditions, going on holidays together, having festive feasts… But what compares to how well everyone is united by common fun? That is why it is so important for family members to periodically arrange practical jokes and kindly tease each other. For example, something like this!

It seems that my husband found my false strands


The sister asked her son to bring the groceries. His height is 195 cm


So my uncle and aunt got divorced


My Mother-in-law said since I spend so much time in the toilet, don’t let me get bored


Mom dressed up as dad for Halloween


Gift from my brother

The inscription on the sticker: “I can not afford a gift, but here’s a box for you.”

The sister tried to take a photo of her niece. I helped them


I told my wife that I want to eat a whole pie by myself! She bought this


This is the gift I gave to each member of the family for Christmas.


A friend put their eyes on everything in their fridge


My mom left me a note, but my brother found it first…


Note from mom: “Matt, I made you a sandwich.” Addition from brother: “And you were adopted.”

He sent a cardboard self to his mother when he left to study. Mom didn’t get lost.


My brother looks after my cat, I asked to send a photo


On Mother’s Day, Mom said she was tired of our eternal jokes.


She assured her sister that in the photo she would be holding Big Ben


Married for 4 years, and at family gatherings, my glass is signed “husband CJ”