16 Photos That Prove That There Is Always Room For The Great Magic Of Coincidence In Everyday Life

What do you think, what is the probability of meeting a bride in exactly the same dress on your wedding day or accidentally stumbling upon a place whose photo has been on your phone screensaver for a couple of years? It seems almost impossible to do this, but thanks to the great power of coincidence, sometimes more incredible things happen! And if you still think that there are no amazing coincidences, we suggest you make sure of it right now!

A friend found himself on a packet of chips


On a walk, we met dogs identical to ours.


The perfect gift!


Today a customer came with a tattoo resembling our turtle.


My friend was getting married and we met the bride in the exact same dress


Wait, a familiar picture


Is someone filming a movie in my apartment while I’m not at home?

My dog ​​goes well with the dog on the box


Accidentally ended up in the place where they removed the screensaver, which has been on my phone for 2 years


Made for each other


At a friend’s wedding, the girl was dressed in the same dress as my daughter


Our cat loves to hide behind a curtain


Today they matched just perfect.

My girlfriend and her sister ordered the same bouquets for mom


The number of specks corresponds to the order in which these puppies were born


When you leave the supermarket, the main thing is to get into your car.


Found the glove in the parking lot last year and threw it in the trunk. Today I found a couple for her!


A colleague and I brought the same lunch in identical containers and three eggs each in cut containers


What interesting coincidences happened to you?