16 Photos of Pets Who Completely Deny the Concept of Personal Space and Want to Be Everywhere

There are many phenomena that are beyond the understanding of pets: they hardly represent what a salary or plans for the future are. And, as the pets themselves often demonstrate, such a thing as someone’s personal space is not too familiar to them either. In fact, what’s wrong with going to the bathroom with the owner or sitting on another cat’s head? That’s what many pets do not understand!

I don’t know whose face I like more


When you’re big, you need a lot of space

cozy futon

It’s good to lie in the bath alone with your thoughts … And not only with them


George should always be everywhere and control everything

dizzy blonde

Let me go, let me go, let me go, let me go


When you have a cat literally under your nose


Wait, you’re missing a personal… what?


Our dog is absolutely sure that he does not interfere with his brother in the least.

How does my cat ride in a car?


Who needs a pillow if there is a beloved owner?


The look of our dog speaks for itself


The best screen time limiter


Since I have a dog, I have never been alone in the house.


As you can see, I have company in literally EVERY situation.

Who else in transport periodically piles on other passengers?


You do not need personal space … And air too


Under these views, I take a bath every time


Already arrived? And now? And now they’ve arrived?


Well, in the world of animals it is customary to share everything. And even more space!