16 People “Boasted” Online About How The Airlines Returned Their Things To Them After The Flight

Air travel has its own romance. It seems that the anticipation of the upcoming trip can not spoil anything. However, some airlines successfully cope with this task for five plus. When picking up their luggage, “lucky” travellers run the risk of encountering various unpleasant surprises. Their suitcase may look so ugly that at first glance it will even be difficult to recognize it. However, the antics of carriers are not limited to careless handling of luggage. For example, sometimes valuable cargo can be left to get wet in the rain or forgotten right on the runway.

Look what happened to my husband’s things somewhere between Manchester and Colombo


My uncle’s suitcase after the flight


Did the plane land or was the suitcase just thrown off?

I’m so sorry for the owner of this suitcase


The laptop was hit by a luggage cart at the airport


After the flight, my things were completely destroyed.

Yazan Shawish

What the hell? Did they hang him on the wing or what?

Curious about what had to be done to the suitcase to break it and both zippers?


Forgot someone’s luggage


One of the loaders threw the suitcase so that a piece of the plastic case and the wheel broke off


You also have to pay for such handling of luggage.


Why does my suitcase look like it was beaten up by football hooligans?


Video games disappeared after the flight


It looks like someone took a bite out of the bag.


Viola da gamba of the 17th century did not survive the flight

family ghost

Look at the state in which my 17th-century instrument was returned to me after I was convinced that it would be carried aboard the aircraft by hand: it looks like it was run over by a car.

Consequences of a very “neat” inspection


Lost luggage? Maybe he got lost in an airport trash can?


This is my luggage, and for some reason, it’s not on the plane


If luggage had feelings, imagine how it would feel as it watches a plane take off.

Bonus: And where is my suitcase?


The British Olympic team landed at Heathrow Airport, in London.