16 Optical Illusions That Will Surprise You

One of the hallmarks of intellectual activity is the ability to dream, think and imagine that which does not exist. Starting from the plot of the future film and ending with a prosaic summer kitchen project. But it is precisely this ability to imagine that plays with us, so clever, the worst jokes. It makes you not only believe in what you saw, but also conjecture all sorts of details that are not even there. And then we are surprised and shrug our shoulders – how did it happen, huh?

She can easily enjoy all the smells of the ocean

A big birdie looks at the boat with appetite

A guy in sunglasses accidentally made her nose very long in the photo

What kind of plane is this that you have to move it with a crane?

Just a game with perspective and foreshortening, nothing terrible happens here

“I photographed a neighbor’s cat who asks to enter my house”

The shopkeeper must have been inspired by Spiderman

We seem to have been noticed!

The chair is not at all made in the form of a duck, it is just that things are so laid down that such an illusion has been created.

No, this is not a golden retriever, but just a high school student

I am Groot! And I! And me too!

A huge stone hippopotamus – you can see it too?

Just a carrot, you don’t need to see or speculate anything

The face of a certain gentleman in an oriental turban. To what fantasy brings!

I could not contain a cry of horror at the sight of this creature. And this is just burnt dough.

Lipsy pussy, which definitely does not need plastic – and so everything is enough

Heavenly snail crawls behind the sun