16 Offensive Cases When People Just Wanted to Rent an Apartment But Got a Lot of Strange and Unpleasant Surprises

If you have ever looked for a rented apartment, you know how difficult it is. Even if you immediately come to terms with the idea that the ideal housing with an understanding and caring landlord is unlikely to exist, all the same, unexpected and not very pleasant surprises can arise when moving. Lucky if it’s some small thing. But suddenly the ceiling collapses in the apartment or a hidden camera is found? And that is not all!

In the description of an apartment with a rent of $ 1,000, this is called a “personal terrace”


A rat ate a hole in my friend’s fridge


This is what our ceiling looks like. The landlord hasn’t done anything for 8 months


Our homeowner just put the thermostat in a “cage”


A real mushroom grows in the bathroom of a rented apartment


The owner of the apartment for months refused to fix a hole in the ceiling


As a result, the ceiling collapsed right before Christmas.

“Delicious” surprise from previous tenants


In our apartment during the renovation, someone painted the wall along with dental floss!


A friend sent me a photo of his first rental. What is it: kitchen or bathroom?


A rodent died under our porch and started smelling awful. The homeowner solved the problem


People lived with their brother who had not paid their rent for six months


When they decided to be evicted, they left this behind in the house.

“Perfect renovation” according to my landlord

 smallest slime

The owner of the apartment said that everything was removed just before I moved in. I think he cheated


I moved into the apartment. Now I understand why the curtains were drawn during the show


My landlord left a camera in the apartment that also records sound. He didn’t tell me about it.


Reported a tiny leak to the landlord two days ago. Today the situation has worsened


As you can see, you will never guess what adventures and dangers await even in the apartment!