16 Mysterious Household Items From The Past You Can Not Immediately Understand Why They Were Needed

Every day we use different household items and rejoice in their presence. But such things, great to make life easier or decorate it, existed in the past – and many of them can compete with their modern counterparts in terms of thoughtfulness and beauty! True, now at first glance, it is even difficult for us to understand why all these mysterious things were used at all. Let’s figure it out!

In ancient armchairs, special handles were made to put a tray there.


This is what drug ampoules looked like: they were sealed by melting glass with a flame


Mid-century ashtray


1930s Tiffany Stirrer for Stirring Drinks


And this is what lighters for lamps looked like


Our house was built in the mid-’70s and there are strange sockets in every room.


Three pins were intended for television antennas and radio, and the central ones for turning the antenna.

Smelling salt jewelry is worn by ladies in the Victorian era


And one more decoration, this time for horses. Such straps were hung on a harness


Our house in 1906 has a covered line from the days when there was gaslighting.


Fashionable, but incomprehensible chair from the 1980s: you need to sit on the left side, and put your feet on the right


Aluminum was once used to make not only pots but also candy bowls.


And here is a chic retro phone stand


The drawer holds a phone book or notepad, and the top handle makes it easy to carry your phone around the house!

Silver box in the form of a rattle – inside they kept, for example, a lock of a child’s hair

 Creepy crawlers

In the basement of our house, there is an ash collector to clean the air from soot.

 Smash Landing

Ancient salt shaker. Salt spoon as a pig’s tail


And here you can guess! Learned?

That’s right, this is an inkwell – there was ink in one container, and sand in the other to blot drops.