16 Lovely Pictures Of Zoo Keepers Relationships With Animals

Taking care of animals is one of the noblest and most difficult things to do. Therefore, the work of the zookeepers is extremely difficult to overestimate. But even the hardest work should be rewarded, and in the case of zoo employees, this bonus turns out to be an opportunity to have fun with animals, play with them, and just be touched by these adorable and friendly animals!

This baby was left without a mother, so the zoo caretaker is taking care of him


So we met again, friend


Our zoo is 90 years old!

Neunkircher zoo

This baby chimpanzee thinks the zookeeper is his mom.


Let me kiss you!


A day in the life of a zookeeper


When it’s lunchtime, red pandas are right there!

Owlets were born in our zoo

Neunkircher zoo

My Sweet and Tender Beast


Mom did not accept her lion cub after his birth, so the zookeeper took care of him


You will never get bored at my job

Neunkircher zoo

We decided to warm this otter in a sock


Then we made holes in the sock for the legs and tail, so that it was more comfortable for her.

My girlfriend works at the zoo and today she sent me this cute picture


Sloth Mervyn fell asleep eating cauliflower.

Baby giraffe kissing the zookeeper


Tiger along with his favorite zoo employee


One of the perks of working as a volunteer at a zoo is that I can play with all of its inhabitants.


From the whole series of pictures at the zoo, these are my favorites.


This wolf cub is very friendly!

Bonus: a zoo employee pours cool water on penguins on a hot day, August 28, 1930


There is always a place for tenderness in working with animals!