16 Hilariously Honest Illustration Reveal The Difference Between Having The First Vs. Second Child

This beautiful illustration is made by VR game designer and a mom from China, currently living in the U.S, Weng Chen an incredible artist, focuses on drawing comics about her dreams and daily raising her 2 daughters, Electra, the firstborn, and Ali, the second born, together with her husband.

Eating Habits

When pregnant with first baby, mothers are very conscious about what to eat or what not to eat, but until the second baby they lose patience and they don’t pay much attention to it. The following illustration explains it more effectively.

Plans for the future

The first child is given whole attention and the second child has to share the fame with their elder siblings.

Taking Care

Parents are very conscious about what their baby eats, drinks, or even touches. But when it comes to their second child they have been already given up and they don’t pay much attention to what they do.

First day at school

They understand when they have the second baby that they need time out of their daily schedule, without the children.

Special care

Mothers get special care while they are pregnant with their first child more than they are with their second child.



First born has more pictures of their childhood than the second born.


Parents buy way too many clothes for their first born even before their birth and those clothes are then carry forwarded to their second born.


Same goes with the toys as well.

Watching t.v

While watching t.v only the first born gets to watch whatever they want but the second born have to fight with the first born for it.

Feeding Milk

Honestly they are just get tired of all the things they have to go through.


The first child is occupied with more activities than the second one.


The first child is given more homemade food, till the second child is born the parents are tired and they usually opt for the tin foods.


While pregnant with the first child the mother is concerned about the inspiration while the second one they are experienced enough and look for other things which will help them suffer this one out.


They are experienced now and the second child is handled more calmly.

Wallet picture

The first child is already in their wallets and they don’t have time to change that.


Friends are more excited than the parents themselves but till the second child they lose excitement.