16 Hiding Places, Hidden Passages, And Unexpected Secret Places That Were Found In Someone’s House

Secret rooms, secret drawers, entrance through the closet… Do you think these are attributes from some detective or mystical story? Not at all – all these sudden interior details can be found in the most ordinary houses of those people who love puzzles or just want to free up more space. And, most likely, at the first glance at such rooms, you will not even immediately find secret places. See for yourself!

My parents have a secret bathroom


So, what do we have here?


Hidden behind the painting is a door.


Our kitchen has a built-in refrigerator


There is a bench in my basement that covers a boulder

I can directly see how a crowd of builders stands around this stone and discusses: “Let’s build a house around it, the carpenters will figure it out.”

Just an ordinary outlet that is hidden behind a small door.


Bought a house and found a secret closet after closet


This window in an 1860s farmhouse leads to the basement.


Made boxes for storing shoes right under the stairs


Spice rack + basement door = secret door


My son really wanted a secret room, so I built a TARDIS for him.


And inside there were old lockers that were going to be thrown away at our school.

The tricky built-in cabinet behind the mirror


We made a secret passage to the greenhouse through the closet in the room.


I wonder what’s behind those doors?


All spices will be easy to find. If you know where to look!


Turned a former pantry into a secret reading nook


Well, really an unusual way to add more mystery to your life!