16 Funny Cases When Men Decided To Please Their Companions With Something And Did It The Best They Could

Romantic music, a bouquet of red roses and candles – this is what men imagine when they think about how to please their soulmate. But some husbands and boyfriends decide to go against the courtship system and bring a little fantasy and humor into the surprise! Yes, perhaps they do not turn out so touching and romantic … But with a soul! And such signs of attention will be remembered clearly much better. How do you like this, for example?

My boyfriend surprised me with a great dinner


I came to the marathon with a poster “My face when at 5 in the morning you have to watch your wife run”


Showed my wife the Tamagotchi when she asked me how I was preparing for the birth of our baby.


Won the trip but my wife couldn’t join. Let him see that I’m not happy at all!

widget dude

Tomorrow I go to work as a midwife, my husband handed me a cake with the inscription “Congratulations, you have a job!”


My brother said since his girlfriend couldn’t come to our party, he’ll be here for both of them.


Husband said he couldn’t wait to give me a “chic stone” for my anniversary


I shouldn’t have forgotten that my husband is a mining engineer…

My boyfriend said that there will be something “very tempting” waiting for me at home


The girl asked to cook her something “comfortable for the stomach”


I complained to my husband that we began to cuddle a little. Here is his solution


The wife said she wants ‘the most ordinary party’ for her birthday


We had balloons that said “balloons”, a cake that said “cake”, “gift” and a poster that said “banner”.

It seems that when talking about a fur coat as a gift, the wife did not mean Chewbacca’s outfit


The wife asked me to buy a new bed, but to look more expensive


My husband travels often and gave me this so I wouldn’t be left without him


My husband left me a gift on a pillow. Expected rose petals or a chocolate bar, not a snoring clip


Asked my boyfriend to draw me