16 Funny And Ridiculous Wedding Photos That Will Surely Become The Main Decoration Of The Family Album

Wedding photo sessions are usually quite similar to each other: happy newlyweds, rings, cake. But not all couples have a holiday as planned, and then such shots appear, which few others can boast of! Either someone falls, or a pet will distract the attention of all guests … And surely these funny and ridiculous shots will become the main decoration of the wedding album! For example, these are.

When I’m completely tired of posing


Parental reactions during witness speech


The bride is not the same!


The perfect moment for a photo


Can’t hold back emotions on this celebration of love


At least this is not a groom!

According to statistics, every third person is skeptical about weddings.


Suddenly I realized all the solemnity of the moment


A little dynamic in the frame won’t hurt


My favorite photo is not where my fiance and I are. And here it is!


I always wanted such a dress to look like a princess …


My husband and I got married right in the yard. Here is the best photo


Some guests don’t know what to expect!

Sometimes the preparation for the wedding is even more interesting than the holiday itself.

Ian Weldon

It was so windy that the bride’s veil flew away. But the groom was not taken aback!


The whole gamut of wedding emotions in one photo


Why else go to weddings?


Our dog distracted all attention


Well, a wedding is a celebration not only of love but also of joy. So funny photos are quite logical!