16 Funny And Cute Photos That Show What It Is Like For Men To Be Girls’ Fathers

Everyone knows that being a father means showing responsibility, protecting your child, teaching him various serious things … But if you are the father of a girl, then your life is immediately filled with no less important and extremely exciting tasks: you need to braid the braids and stay for your daughter’s model for perfecting the perfect pedicure, and come up with the best fairy outfit … Well, during the break, you can relax and get a manicure! This is what girls’ dads often face.

Now he’s just adorable


The princess and her “little” fairy


The perfect company for Little Red Riding Hood


What’s better than having lunch with your dad?


My daughter wanted to practice weaving braids


Even though I’m bald, it didn’t stop me!

When you’re the daddy of two teenage girls


Pedicure time!


Today dances with daughters, in the style of the 80s. I’m the only father who got dressed up


Without a manicure, too, nowhere

 Mario lopez

If a man is ready to go shopping, then only for this


I can save on beauty salons without any problems


My daughter has grown up and after such games, she opened a real salon!

By my example, I demonstrate that ballet is great


Girls will always find a way to make their dad more beautiful.


The most graceful Little Mermaid!


Dads keep up with braiding skills


I told my daughter that if she leaves her things everywhere, I will start trying them on


Yes, these girls are definitely lucky with such funny and cute dads!