16 Fun Ways To Prove That If Your Coworkers Have A Sense Of Humor, You Won’t Get Bored At Work

Any job, even the most beloved one, can eventually turn into a routine. This is understandable: not all obligations can be pleasant, and the constant need to repeat certain actions can bring melancholy. Who can help to cope with all these difficulties? Colleagues with a sense of humor, of course. When you don’t get bored at work, you want to go to it much more!

Morning staff meeting


My colleagues and I realized that we were wearing the same work jacket.


And we decided that it was worth buttoning it up for three.

Last night at TJMAXX I replaced 70 framed stock photos with selfies


My colleague came to work for me on Halloween instead


It’s cold in the morning, so my colleague showed up in this


The guy at my wife’s work still thinks his new plant is a cactus.


In fact, this is a cucumber, which is changed every two days for a new one … For two weeks now.

A colleague of mine decided he needed a standing table.


Some of my dad’s employees dressed up in it for Halloween.


I put a couple of coats of shoe polish on one of my co-workers’ boots every day he was on vacation … ONE of his boots


Today is the last day of my colleague’s work. She said that I can take her family photos


I went to work and decorated my colleague’s photographs on his desk.


Someone attached a photo of Terminator to a keycard sensor at work.


Saw this on Reddit a few days ago. Put in my colleague’s office while he was on vacation


Colleague left her phone unattended again


Any organization should have a tiara in case of emergency.


My colleagues have too much free time