16 Failed Cases When People Interacted With Technology Something Obviously Went Wrong

The interaction of people with technology is a separate story with eternal problems. How many times does the same “I pressed something, and everything disappeared” happen! Sometimes people themselves are to blame for problems with technology, but it also happens that gadgets arrange a real uprising of machines, breaking down at the most inopportune moment. We have prepared for you a number of cases when, when people are working with various devices, something obviously went wrong.

Drove by your phone


Just got called to replace a keyboard at work. How did it happen?


There was a lot of speculation in the comments about how it happened that a new life was born on the keyboard. There were suggestions that something edible was spilled there, such as coffee, and forgotten. But the author suggests that this is a consequence of repair work.

Disk fragmentation 15%


Why doesn’t the keyboard work?


The comments suggested that it was slime, but agreed that it was nail polish after all.

My laptop fell off the table with a flash drive connected.


Tried to charge the phone from a different outlet


the beauty


In the comments, they write that you can clean it with vinegar.

Frozen computer


How swollen is the battery


There was a third … Everything is broken by the delivery service


When I wanted to take the elevator at 5 am, I saw this. There was no sign that it was defective.


Saw this TV at a local pizzeria


monitoring drama


Two weeks after my dream job interview, I learned three things: I didn’t get the job, I was being ignored, and my monitor had a stroke during the night.

Someone’s laundry day went wrong


When I tried to put on a backpack, the watch strap broke, and now the gift from my parents is broken.


Surprise from the printer