16 Examples Of What Can Happen If You Trust A Makeup Artist Who Knows Nothing About Makeup

At times, women seeking a break from routine indulge in the luxury of hiring a professional makeup artist to bring their dream look to life, revelling in their own beauty. Entrusting a skilled artist to accentuate strengths and conceal flaws is a delightful experience. Yet, occasionally, instead of the desired chic and trendy makeup, trusting individuals may encounter utter disappointment. Excessively vibrant lipstick, an improperly chosen foundation shade, and smudged eyeshadows are among the unfortunate issues faced by clients of unscrupulous makeup artists. It is only hopeful that, following such experiences, these women may reconsider experimenting with their appearance.

“Dirty” Makeup


It’s like she was spray-painted with glitter and cheap bronzer. The girl will have to pray to the wet wipe gods to get rid of this mess.

Some makeup artists won’t be able to sleep if they don’t combine incompatible things.


The girl looks like she was buried in sand, and it’s just an unevenly distributed tone


The girl looks like a baked potato.

There are no words to describe this nightmare.


Do you also see this fear in the girl’s eyes?


Did they use chalk for the foundation?

Slightly overdone with facial sculpting


There can never be too many bright accents


It’s like an optical illusion like she’s wearing a masquerade mask or something.

At first glance, it’s not bad, but these eyelashes, eyebrows and tone ruin everything


Even more pink!


Did the makeup artist apply makeup with his eyes closed?


An exact depiction of how I tried to do makeup when I was 10 years old.

Why is everyone trying to be orange now?


Birthday look


Ah, those charming and “natural” freckles. How perfectly they complement the image


Now the girl looks like a strawberry.

The power of unprofessional makeup in action


An image overloaded with unnecessary details


This makeup is a little scary