16 Examples Of The Fact That The World Is Not What It Seems

Optical illusions are a wonderful thing. You see one thing, but in reality, it turns out that the reality is completely different. And it’s true: everyone sees the world in their own way, in a special colour, from a special angle. We bring to your attention cool examples of optical illusions. Watch both!

This high-rise obviously wanted to hide …

I wonder how a cruise ship fits on two columns?

The clouds also need to rest… On the branches.

A strange figure for an athlete, don’t you think?

Powerful car – coped with a whole lamppost!

Have you ever seen such tiny tractors, and even on the roof?

In New Zealand, you can see these striped stones. So the tide “declared” about itself.

The other half probably went for a swim.

Goose with an endless neck. Yes, yes, and it happens.

Legs don’t really fit such a tiny body!

Siamese twins?

Girl, how do you move on such thin legs?

A dog that can walk through walls.

Interestingly, is it convenient when a leg is used instead of an arm?

Dogs, legs, paws – everything is mixed up!

That’s really “blown away” …

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