16 Examples Of People Experienced Something For The First Time And Their Vivid Emotions Speak For Itself

If there is anything in the world that can give a person truly unique and unforgettable emotions, then these are exactly the events that happen to us for the first time! Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether we get a new experience in childhood or as an adult – for sure, the impressions will be equally vivid, even if you just jumped into the pool for the first time or got a kitten! Here, see for yourself.

My niece is swinging for the first time


Dad saw and held a baby goat for the first time

First visit to the toy store


I’ve never held a baby in my arms, but now I’m holding mine!


My son and his first snow


Grandpa is 94 years old and today he tasted a hamburger for the first time


He lived all his life in a European village, and it turned out that he had never eaten them before.

Niece meets her sister for the first time


My girlfriend loves elephants and today she finally saw them live.


Son learned what a lemon is


Mom made up her mind and took a kitten, which she always dreamed of.


Took my daughter to sled down the mountain


I tried to blow drying my hair with a diffuser…

Bete Noire

It’s been 20 minutes and I can’t stop laughing!

My son’s face when he saw a real giraffe


My aunt dared to jump into the pool for the first time


Grandpa is 80 and got his first iPhone for Christmas


When I decided to hand feed the birds for the first time


Such sincere emotions appear on the faces of people who decide to do something for the first time!