16 Examples Of How Some Things Can Surprise You With Their Dimensions When Compared To A Person

Even if you don’t have a very good eye, you can roughly imagine the size of some objects if you decide to use a not-so-obvious unit of measurement – a person! True, even if you start comparing the scale of fairly familiar things with people, you can be very surprised. And if you can see how big a lobster claw or Michelangelo’s marble hand really is… However, see for yourself!

Me and the chair in kindergarten


Phone compared to a newborn twin


The door we saw in London


My girlfriend’s hand and my dog’s paw


Son and giant bronze horse


In Italy, I felt like a real giant

Chef Big House

My height is 195 cm.

I saw this book in an antique shop.


The smallest house in the UK. My girlfriend’s height is only 152 cm!


Botanical park in Rio de Janeiro


This is the size of a lobster claw


Crawler dump truck and crew


I made this picture in the snow yesterday


If anything, I am a black dot on the stem.

Man Versus Michelangelo’s David


Surprise on my face when I saw this pumpkin at a farmer’s show.


Found an old photo where my friends and I are posing with a huge pizza


Me and my parent’s dog


Well, it seems that a person is a really great model for comparison!