16 Craftsmen For Whom New Clothes Are Not A Problem Because They Can Sew Them With Their Own Hands

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose clothes that we like in style, and at the same time would sit well on us. At such moments, we often envy those who can sew clothes for themselves, and we are doing the right thing! After all, these craftsmen can turn a simple piece of material into a fashionable bow.

Today we have collected for you 16 stylish looks, which were created by real masters of cutting and sewing with their own hands. So, let’s see!

I sewed this costume without a sewing machine and it took forever! My fingers hurt but I’m proud of myself


I changed old jeans and am very happy with the result


Two months ago I started sewing, and this is my gift for a friend. I think it turned out great


Made a Panama hat by hand, stitching dried orange slices between the fabric. It was difficult, but I am very happy with the result


When creating wardrobe items with our own hands, we don’t have to worry about the fact that someone will buy the same thing as ours!

My favorite dress, which I made from the remnants of material


Made a dress for my 83-year-old grandmother


Sewed my first top


Sewed a jumpsuit. I continue to improve and I am satisfied with the result


Style is a rather individual concept. And how pleasant it is to create it regardless of fashion trends and the range that stores offer us!

Made for my friend a poncho out of an old blanket. I hope he is comfortable in it


My last job was an 1890s fashion dress


I sewed everything myself and am very pleased with the result


Homemade dress + dye


When you create a thing with your own hands, you can always give free rein to your imagination and your own creativity!

Sewed and painted with my own hands


Who sits on better?


Finally I decided to sew an element of outerwear for myself


Sewed according to the individual order of the client