16 Cases When People Played With Photoshop So Much That When Looking At Their Real Life Photos, You Want To Ask: “Who Are You?”

Social media is a place where everyone can build their ideal world and flaunt the best version of themselves. And you can do it without much effort. After all, everyone has a couple of successful shots, where everything worked out in the best way. And if you still don’t like something about them, then it will be very easy to fix it with Photoshop. Although not everyone is friends with him. Therefore, for someone, “I’ll cover up one pimple a little and that’s it” can turn into a real operation to change appearance.

And she also claims that she doesn’t edit her pictures.


The caption reads 2022 vs 2020. How do you like such an upgrade in two years?


This girl looks different every time in all her photos. What are you really, mysterious lady?


Seems like the difference is clear here


It takes a little effort to get to know Paris Hilton in real life


Instagram photo* vs video screenshot


When I found a new app with filters


A pinch of filters and your doll face is ready.


This a friendly reminder to stop comparing yourself to the illusion. No one looks like this in real life, as shown in the perfect pictures from social networks!

Photoshop magic


Fleeting rejuvenation before your eyes


Who said I edit my photos?


It’s the same person, right?


Sometimes it’s hard to understand people’s logic by looking at their original pictures. Why put 100 filters on yourself when you already look so good in the real world?

The photo on the left is a picture that the girl attached to her resume


I wonder how the boss reacted when a completely different girl came to him for an interview …

Wanted to feel young again


Licked photo from Instagram* vs live shot from reality


When you didn’t tell your boyfriend not to forget to add filters to your Instagram photo*