16 Cases When People Fell Into The Hands Of Curious Little Things That Have Already Become Part Of History

It’s amazing to realize that some of the things that surround us or are stored somewhere in old boxes are older than us, and have seen events that we only know from stories or books. A 1945 newspaper or a coin that is more than 100 years old – the language does not dare to call these items just rubbish, because they open a real portal to the past. We have collected examples of such things for you.

The light in the bus is still on from the original 1990 battery


Found an old refrigerator full of soap at a friend’s house


The property used to belong to his uncle and they have no explanation.

This is a 1950s stainless steel Clorox lid that I found in the ground with a metal detector.

Found an old reel to reel tape recorder


My great-grandfather’s Oscar nomination, 1944


All original door handles from 1928 have been preserved in our house.


The war is over


Philadelphia Record cover, Wednesday 15 August 1945. We found it while renovating our restaurant.

While cleaning, I found my sister’s purse made of duct tape, made in the 90s.


I ordered a 119 year old online book


Quite a few pages remained uncut, that is, no one has ever read it.

Found a 135 year old 3p coin buried outside my house. I live in the USA


Today I found a 1905 dime in the cash register at work


1981 40-year-old chocolate chips found in great-grandmother’s freezer


I found a coupon that expired over 100 years ago


Found my father’s old (and seemingly unopened) Star Wars board game


The Polaroid 250 my parents found while cleaning my grandfather’s insurance building


Dad found this vintage Pikachu figurine on the street