16 Cases When Nature Overdid Her Charms And Genetics Failed As A Result

Nature is a master of all trades. She can learn anything. But sometimes her love to conjure over her new creation goes too far and does not always lead to the most pleasant consequences. An extra pair of ears, an unnatural color, gigantic sizes, and much more – you can see all this in the heroes of our today’s selection when creating which nature is clearly too clever.

Half black, half red


Alien pineapple




Cat with four ears


A mutant cat with four ears named Midas is the star of the Internet! He has a congenital genetic anomaly – on his crown, there are not two, but as many as four ears! But from this Midas hears no worse than his comrades. And someone argues that even the opposite is many times better.

For a long time, the cat lived in a shelter, but due to its peculiarity, over time, it was able to find a home for itself. Shelter workers took pictures of an unusual cat and posted pictures on the network. Photos quickly scattered over the Internet, where the owner of this real miracle of nature was found.

Two-headed shark


Black-eyed Susan with a mutation called “fascination”


Mutation “fascination” – deformation of plant shoots.

Chicken with four legs


Square starfish


The real-world version of Cthulhu


A rare mutation that causes the octopus’s tentacles to branch out.

Unique golden retriever with a black spot on the floor of the muzzle


King of the cheetahs


Bull with one extra leg

Abdulaziz Rex

Yes, it really is a five-legged bull! And if this fact is not strange enough for you, then I will say this: I found out about the existence of this guy through Google Maps! Then I went to the zoo where he is located, a 2.5-hour drive from Jeddah, to see this guy in person!

Fascinating goldfish scale mutation


Lobster with a clear color split


There are one in every 50 million such cases.

Janus two-headed turtle


She broke the record for life expectancy with such a mutation – 20 years!

A deer with antlers that, due to a mutation, have become too branched

God Taoist of Patience