16 Cases When Nature Decided To Be An Artist And Draw Something On All Surfaces

Probably, many people are periodically attacked by sudden inspiration when they want to pick up paints or pencils. And, it seems, nature believes that sometimes she also needs to maintain artistic moods! Moreover, natural masterpieces can appear in everything: in unusual patterns on plants and minerals, in clouds, lightning, and even in “painted” hearts. And that’s not all!

My three-month-old puppy is a natural valentine


Fantasy cloud from nature-loving abstraction


A dragon lurks in this mineral


The condensate settled so that the silhouette of the city with skyscrapers turned out


After the rain, the balcony door looks like an impressionist painting


Caught a rainbow in a transparent selenite mineral


It looks like some kind of infinity stone from the Marvel universe.

Nature conveyed a love message through a bow


I circled my vitiligo spots, that’s what happened


A friend found a tree-like pattern on a plant


Weirdest Lightning I’ve Photographed


Orchid flower with a displeased face


Sometimes nature really wants to add bright colors.


Some mushrooms look fake, but they’re not: they exude a liquid that looks like acrylic paint!

On the leaves of this plant, it is as if a pattern was drawn from other leaves.


Sometimes in the stones, someone is hiding


Found this sheet in the car


Our cat has a chicken on it!


Such unusual masterpieces are sometimes depicted by nature!