15 Unique Places And Amazing Sights Of The Planet. Which Many Could Never Have Heard Of

Do you have any idea about how many insanely cool, but not too well-known places on our planet that can make the strongest visual impression on us? And there are thousands of them if you really count them at all. We invite you to make some progress in the development of the Earth and consider the images of several little-known but striking natural or man-made attractions.

01.Casa do Penedo – a house built between boulders, Portugal


The quaint lodge was built in 1974.

02.Ancient Roman pool on the seashore


03.Top view of the Italian city of Portofino


04.The sun’s rays at sunset penetrate the cave at the right angle to illuminate this area of ​​ice, making it look like amber.


05.Black Fissure” in Canyonlands National Park, UTA, USA


A natural rift a meter wide and deep enough so that the one that fell into it would not survive.

06.Top view of the eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland, which began in March 2021


07.Probably the most scenic soccer field in the world, Greenland


08.The Norwegian city of Rjukan and its huge mirrors


The city is surrounded by mountains, so it uses three giant mirrors to reflect sunlight during the six dark months of the year.

09.The place where Julius Caesar was killed is now a shelter for cats


This is Piazza Torre Argentina in Rome.

10.Dam of the Kirov reservoir, Kyrgyzstan

Arseny Kotov

11.NASA mock space capsule – a landmark in the town of Winganon, Oklahoma, USA


In 1971, a cement truck overturned near the city. The mixer was too heavy due to the hardened cement, so it was left that way. Later, the locals repainted it, indicating all the visual attributes of the space capsule.

12.Mysterious black house in German Stuttgart


13.The skyscrapers of Chicago are visible from a distance of 80 kilometers at sunset in the dunes of Indiana


14.A very long Chinese city on the Nanxihe River in Yunnan province


15.Hvitserkur – a basalt rock on the coast of the Vatnsnes peninsula, Iceland


A popular place for tourists due to the rock’s resemblance to a drinking elephant.