15 Unfortunate Cases When Failure Trapped People Right At Their Jobs

Failures can lie in wait for a person around any corner, and there is nowhere to hide from them: neither at home nor at work. And meeting with them during working hours is especially offensive because you can embarrass yourself in front of colleagues and clients, or do something that will entail financial liability. And just a solution to the problem may not always be at hand. We have compiled for you a selection of cases where bad luck caught people when they were working.

My sister works as a nurse in a clinic and sent me this…


I’m stuck at work


There was a problem at work, I had to improvise


Consequences of working in a laboratory at -10°C, where I have to wash my hands 40 times a day


I think my pen broke at work today and leaked through my pants.


At work, I decided to wipe my glasses, the glass decided to jump out and broke off


It happened at 6:15 am


My shift was supposed to end at 7. I work the night shift in a dairy warehouse. The cart caught on a pipe and braked sharply. I didn’t finish work at 7.

My sister tried to make popcorn at work… didn’t work out very well


When no one noticed that the refrigerator stopped working


I was late this morning and ordered a burger. Got to work and


A fly managed to get into my coffee at work. And I poured it right on the keyboard


When you work from home and turn on video instead of audio


I came home and realized that I went to meetings with clients all day with a huge hole in my pants that no one told me about


Just lost thousands of dollars worth of merchandise at work. Likely to be fired


When everyone agreed to come to work in Halloween costumes, and only you came