15 Surprise Times When Kids Showed You Should Always Be Ready For Any Surprise With Them

Sometimes it seems to many parents that children live in their own special world, the laws of which are not subject to the minds of adults. It is not for nothing that boys and girls so easily find something else to amaze others with! Either the children decide in their own way to help around the house, or they hide sudden things in unexpected places … Relatives can only prepare for any surprises. For example, like this!

My two year old swallowed a unicorn


Now my daughter is fine!

My daughter accidentally locked my iPod. For 43 years


I saw that the child decided to help me with cooking


My son thought I was sitting in the bathroom for too long


Where else to look for the controller, if not in the dishwasher?


Choosing between fairy tales, cartoons, and comics…


Daughter decided to stay on a crime thriller.

Turned away for a second, and the son had already dressed himself


Daughter showed how scary plasticine can be

Cest Ridicule

Someone decided to participate in cooking potatoes


She was so quiet that we thought she was asleep. But no


Wondered why my sister’s backpack is so heavy

Soothing winds

It turned out that there are giant stones.

Apparently, he really needed a toy


Why not put some food on the brush handle?


How to scare your parents with magnets


Looks like my 3-year-old is plotting something against me.


Yes, it seems that with a child you should always be ready for anything!