15 Photos, The Heroes Of Which Have Forgotten About The Sun, And Now It Hurts To Look At Their Suffering

As soon as the sun begins to properly warm the air, they appear on the streets – those who like to take risks and not smear themselves with sunscreen. But even those who do smear SPF on their own are not always safe. After all, the sun’s rays punish equally those who were left without protection, and those who did not smear this protection thoroughly enough. As a result, they walk with unpleasant burns of varying degrees of pain and unusualness!

01.Bought myself a new pair of fingerless gloves


02.My wife helped me spread sunscreen on my back (twice!)


03.A friend said I looked like an ice cream stick


04.Always rub the sunscreen in a spray, otherwise you will look like speckled cheese


05.Always rub in sunscreen well!


If you are too lazy and do not smear the cream on your face, then you can not only get burned, but also become a hero of jokes. This happened with Mark Zuckerberg – the founder of Facebook went too far with SPF and turned into an object for training the wit of netizens.

06.This is why jeans with holes should not be worn on a sunny day.


07.Ask a friend to rub the sunscreen


08.Tan lines on the body are beautiful, right?


09.Summer has begun …


10.Met a guy who fell asleep in the sun with a phone on his chest


11.One big burn after a day at the beach


12.When I wore a watch on my wrist for the whole vacation, and then I realized that it left an epic tan


13.Forgot to put on sunscreen, but sunglasses worked


14.This is what happens if you spend all day by the pool and forget to take off your pendant.


15.A colleague shaved his head, went to play golf and put a visor on his head