15 Photos That Prove It’s a Bad or Good Idea to Gift Coloring Books to Adults

As a child, many of us loved coloring books, but somehow forgot about them when we got older, but apparently not all of us. It turns out that some adults still love coloring books as much as they did when they were kids – only the way they color them has changed. And I don’t mean it in a good way.

Dasha went along the path trodden by the Rogue

How does he control the doll?

Where is the nest?

Adults are big kids, right? Now imagine what will happen to harmless children’s coloring books if they fall into the hands of an adult with a very rich imagination. Represented? You will see the usual cute characters presented in new images, such that they cannot even come to mind.

Oh, and a bunny!

I don’t know how to comment

There is nothing to steal honey!

Favorite cartoon characters will be able to claim the main roles in horror films. Princesses may well make themselves known in adult films. Agree, this is interesting to look at, isn’t it? It’s good that now there is the Internet and there you can find almost any information, as well as with children’s coloring books that fell into the hands of adults.

Let’s play a game.

finished playing

Tote from cute animals

Coloring Corruptions is an online community where people share alternative ways to color children’s coloring pages, and as creative as they are, they’re also great proof that giving adults children’s coloring books isn’t always the best idea. Check out funny and creepy “spoiled coloring pages,” I think you will like them.

Princesses need to lighten up sometimes too.


Winnie the pooh when you didn’t find honey

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Snow White is gone, but life goes on

So even better

Yes, life spares no one