15 Photos Of Unusual Cars Whose Owners Decided To Stand Out On The Roads, And They Succeeded

Every year the number of cars on the roads is growing steadily, and it is impossible to name the exact number in the world. But if many people try to buy a car of a famous or rare brand in order to stand out in society, then others do it differently. It is not necessary for someone to buy a Porsche or a Mercedes to make passers-by gasp in surprise at the sight of their car. They skillfully draw attention to their swallow with a catchy and very unusual design that will shift any brand of the car into the background

Machine Yoda


Dangerous shark


My father’s old shark car. He took me to her from school!

Regular car on the roads of Santa Cruz, California


Fluffy Bunny Lovers Machine


I wonder what it’s like to wash it?

Eco-friendly car


I don’t think anyone will buy it.

Foot on wheels


And here comes the whole house on wheels!




The truck that is under the auspices of Rick Sanchez


3D map with a new look


Auto cockroach


It’s an unpleasant sight to see a huge cockroach crawling along the highway, even if it’s really just a car!

Bus The Blastolene DecoLiner


Randy Grubb is the inventor of the magic double-decker bus. The main feature of this miracle machine is two workstations, one of which is located on the roof. The Deco liner bus impresses not only with its appearance and scale but also with the interior decoration, which offers the passenger a business class trip.

Fish on land


Inedible watermelon


The watermelon car is waiting for its passengers, who will become its seeds.

I wonder if this car moves at the same speed as a turtle?