15 Photographs of Animals and Birds Showing a Calculating Predator Behind Their Pretty Faces

Our world and its inhabitants are unpredictable, and sometimes very cunning. For example, animals, like people, are good at masking their true insides behind a beautiful face and a sweet smile. But what lies really behind this impenetrable mask of kindness and innocence? We invite you to plunge into the natural world and find out with us what kind of animals and birds the Bolshoi Theater is crying for! After all, more than one actor would envy their game!

Common kestrel


One of my scouts took this photo on top of a mountain while hiking.

The common kestrel is a member of the falcon family. Because of its small size, sometimes this bird is also called the “little falcon.” It is considered the most common bird of prey in Central Europe after the buzzard.

Black bush viper


Massive alligator ready to climb on board

5th Charmer

Up to 80 sharp teeth can hide behind a cute alligator smile! By the way, an alligator can change each of its teeth an average of 50 times. We envy silently.

Fox with a sly smile


Trimeresurus Insularis is a venomous viper native to Indonesia.


Secretary bird

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This bird can proudly say about itself that it is the owner of a bright appearance. What are her eyelashes alone? However, she boasts not only of her beauty but also her dexterity and ability to get her own food. Usually, during the hunt, she beats her huge wings strongly so that the prey betrays itself and goes on the run. After that, the secretary bird begins to catch up with its dinner in zigzag movements.

Sri Lankan Bear


A sloth bear native to the Indian subcontinent. His harmless pose in the photo does not live up to his reputation. It is known to be the most aggressive bear species in existence and most often attacks humans. British colonial officers considered these furry guys more dangerous than tigers!

Marble ferret


Marble ferret (ligation) is a rare exotic predator from the weasel family, which stands out for its unusual variegated color. This ferret is a very active predator that hunts both on the ground and in trees, where it deftly knows how to climb. But their favorite place of hunting is the underground burrows of rodents, where they can stay for the night.

Spider Habronattus with its prey in fluffy paws


Sea leopard


Behind this cute pug lies one of the most dangerous predators of the pinnipeds! Its diet includes both penguins and small seals.

It seems that this fish is happy to see you!


Some species of porcupine fish use a neurotoxin that is 1,200 times stronger than cyanide, but they have a pretty smile.





Of course, they look cute but try to say this to some poor wildebeest while they tear it to pieces.

Slow loris


This is the only known genus of venomous primates whose venom is dangerous to absolutely everyone.

Helmeted cassowary


According to the 2004 edition of the Guinness Book of Records, the cassowary bird is considered the most dangerous bird on Earth. Its dagger-shaped claw of the inner finger is about 120 mm long. One hit with its paw will bring the victim instant death.