15 Men Who Thought Over Their Marriage Proposals In Such Detail That All They Could Do Was Say “Yes”

A marriage proposal is a valuable event for every couple. And many men, deciding on an important step, want to make the moment truly romantic and memorable. Bouquets of flowers, candles, balloons are used … But for someone this is not enough – not every day they make proposals! This is how amazing ideas come about: very touching, personal and requiring a lot of preparation.

Pokemon Fan Offer


When you love to the moon and back


Attached the inscription “Will you marry me?” to the eyepiece, and then invited her to look through the telescope.

This couple is very fond of playing Monopoly.


For such a proposal, the man had to modernize the entire play set, prepare a special card and a section for the ring. Everything worked out!

No matter how hard this dolphin tried, she still chose a guy


Will you be my second player?


My cousin loves to work in the fields and he came up with this for his girlfriend.


Please tell me that then she got into the harvester and made the inscription at the bottom: “Yes”!

The immutable oath of Harry Potter lovers


An offer in which the whole family took part

My boyfriend asked all the relatives to take pictures with individual letters, and then I looked for photos all over the house.

I had to get a tattoo for my boyfriend to say yes

 Brooke wodark

An easy question to settle with an umbrella

justin rudy

The happy girl has yet to find out how she turned out in the engagement photo


It would be interesting to look at her enthusiastic face when she saw this photo!

Will you marry him?


Ice cream asked the same question


For the proposal, the young man ordered a jar of ice cream: it depicted the emoji that they most often exchanged with the girl, and the words: “Will you marry me?” The girl could only “accidentally” see that very jar in the store.

The guy built the running route so that he got the phrase “Will you marry me”

Ben chudley 

That’s right, without a question mark. So his lady of the heart did not have much choice.

I came up with an illustrated book for her


To propose to my girlfriend, I came up with an illustrated book and printed it. We went to the library and I asked her to read this book to me. When she got to the right page, I got down on one knee and asked that very question!

It seems that all these men have no less imagination than love for their brides.