15 Hilarious Photos From The 8th Annual Original Headwear Competition

The residents of Britport, Dorset, should take off their hats, as their eighth annual festival of original hats has delighted all of us with unique varieties of fancy hats. Thousands of people came to this event, almost all wearing unusual hats, many of which are real works of art! The proceeds from the festival went to charity and a grand party at the end of the summer. But all our attention is, of course, focused on the hats, let’s see!

English breakfast

Do not walk on the lawn!

Don’t swim behind the buoys!

Whole window on the head

Participants paid great attention to detail

The windmill is always with you

A hat made of ties – brilliant!

Are the sweets real? Unlikely


On the helmet – a cyclist in a helmet

From a distance, it can and scare

Bye-bye-swinging the feathers on the hat

Are we taking off?

Difficult design

Here they are – handsome!