15 Funny And Charismatic Birds That Flew Into The Frame To Make You Their Fans

We present you with some striking evidence that birds are in no way inferior to their wingless counterparts from the world of fauna, which claim a place in human hearts. They are just as photogenic, funny, and charismatic, you just have to see some good photos.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the bird world for a couple of minutes and come out from there as fans of birds!

A red cardinal with the rarest bilateral gynandromorphism condemns everyone who stares at him


This winged big man looks like a magician preparing his trick.


Bubbles very politely ask to scratch his tummy.


Lady Bird is crazy about my mustache, and Blue Bell is content to just yell

Urban Geographer

Are there seeds? What if I catch up?


Blue jay and red cardinal fight


It looks like a scene from a bird version of The Avengers. And the names are appropriate.

So beautiful and so mean!

Thomas E. Brim Jr

When your mom tells you that you are a handsome young man


This is a real chick! baby frogmouth


Dad put on his bird costume again!


In fact, this shoebill is one of the most specific birds in the world.

This bird was chasing me and looked like I had killed her entire family.

Turrican76 / 

Someone has seen enough of Puss in Boots from Shrek


And she has another bird on her beak!

Sucked into a black hole!


When the hairdresser asks if you like how it turned out, and you lie that you do


And they say that only cats can be liquid