15 Examples of People Trying to Take a Selfie But Suddenly Realizing It Is Not So Easy

It seems that everyone knows very well how to take a selfie: you take the phone, stretch your hand in front of you, smile … But if everything was so simple! As it turns out, those who want to take a picture of themselves face a variety of difficulties: either other people or animals interfere, or the phone falls out of their hands, or the panorama mode is turned on. Well, let’s see what kind of portraits are obtained in such cases!

Dad insisted on taking a family selfie


When your photo suddenly turns into someone else’s


Dropped my phone while taking a picture of myself


Just a cute photo in the mirror? It would be too boring


My new puppy just couldn’t get past


Sometimes an attempt to take a selfie turns out quite unexpectedly


Tried to take a selfie at the airport but forgot to flip the camera. The airport worker was not taken aback.

Dad will always help you take a good photo


I just forgot to turn off the panorama mode …

Judd Jasper

A friend got a new suit and sent a photo to show off. But I only saw the background


It was so cold and windy in the Grand Canyon that our photo looks like this


All these technical innovations always lead to bad luck.


I wanted to swap our faces with the cat, but something went wrong.

Aren’t bathroom mirrors hung on purpose to take pictures of themselves?


She wanted to shoot the three of us, but the dog was against


You need a snake charmer for these shots.


And such a selfie creates a feeling of some intrigue