15 Examples Of How An Original Approach To Familiar Things Can Simplify And Brighten Our Lives

Every day we use various objects, the level of convenience of which we are not used to assessing. We say “well, there is, and there is.” However, if you add at least one functional detail to them or approach the design creatively, using such things will become much more pleasant and interesting!

Today we have collected for you 15 examples of how an original manufacturer’s approach to a product can brighten up our lives and make us willingly use the usual things.

Lawnchair withstand for glasses and other little things


This backpack has a USB port on the shoulder strap to charge your device on the go


Braille card set for playing Uno

The push-up on the bra is made in the form of hands


There are markings on the pan with the liquid level measured in liters and glasses


Life is made up of details, so don’t underestimate them. Little things and little things that you can do without them, but it’s so nice to be able to use them!

Funny inscription for the tear line on the packaging with popcorn


Arrange an omnomnom now.

The level of the filling of the container with ice and drink is marked on the glass.


Napkin holder in a Japanese restaurant


Good design turns the habitual use of things into a pleasant experience.

“I opened my yogurt, and here is this inscription”


Damn it, how nice it is to lick this lid.

A bus stop with a mini library in France


A luminous sign in a store that lights up with the words “Beauty” and “Health”


Sanitizer that is built right into the handle of a public toilet door


Such notions make things much more convenient and give an opportunity to simplify our routine actions.

A sheet with pockets for small items


Some bicycle manufacturers print a TV image on the box to help the supplier handle the product more carefully.


Mixer that displays water temperature


Which of these ideas did you like the most?