15 Cases When Rented Apartments And Hotels Surprised Travelers No Worse Than City Sights

In your home, everything seems clear and familiar and therefore does not cause much surprise or delight. But when we go on a trip and stay in a hostel, hotel or rented apartment, this space turns out to be uncharted territory, where you can always find something that will delight or amaze our imagination!

Today we have collected for you 15 cases when the transit points of travelers surprised their temporary inhabitants with their design, service or just a non-standard idea.

The apartment where I am staying has a shelf in the bathroom, where a whole collection of rubber ducks is kept.


There is a bomb shelter in the bedroom of our hostel. We also found a golden mask in the room, and this is what came of it


We rented a house to spend the night in it, and this is what we found there


The bathroom in a Guatemala hostel was built right around a tree


The hotel has a whole table-monopoly


When booking a place in a hotel or renting accommodation, we always mentally prepare for surprises that may be there. And all because the picture on the Internet is too often not true! However, these surprises can also be quite pleasant.

The hotel bathroom has three dispensers with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel


In the hostel where we stayed with our dog, a bed, a towel and a pet treat were waiting for us


Unusual hotel sink


Rented a house for a few days in Naples and noticed a huge cactus that grows along the wall


The mattress in my hotel is made of stone and has a control panel on which you can set the heating level.


Never underestimate the place where you choose to stay during your trip. It may also happen that it turns out to be the most memorable part of your trip!

This hotel has toilet paper with puppies


The hostel where I stayed has a huge map of the world on which each of the guests can mark the place where he came from.


The ceiling in my hotel is made from recycled wood doors.


This hotel has strict censorship in its toilet


Our rented apartment is located in an old bank vault