15 Cases When People Had Obvious Problems With Both Safety And Technology In General

We think no one needs to be reminded that safety rules were invented for a reason. And yet, many regularly manage to forget about them – and if we are talking about interacting with different equipment, then everything becomes even more difficult (and more dangerous). It seems to some that any breakdown can be repaired with adhesive tape, someone chooses a chain instead of a working alarm … Here are a few examples when people decided to rely on the frivolous “maybe it will do!”.

Repeat the code from the lock twice – for reliability!


It is immediately clear that this is a luxury property.


Surely someone will be even more tempted to remove the wheels from the car


Let’s hope there’s never a fire in the shower room at my job…


In this photo, I’m six years ago


Thus, we tried to measure the depth of the water in order to build a cofferdam around the water intake pipe. I don’t work for this company anymore!

“Temporary” panel for the electrical panel. She may have been hanging here for five years.


At our university, they put a lock on the emergency switch


What can be dangerous in cleaning an aquarium?


There is nothing in the world that can’t be fixed with duct tape.


There are other remedies as well. For example, a tennis ball


I saw a guy who drilled a hole in the floor and stood at the same time just on it


Cartoons taught me that he won’t fall until he looks down and makes a surprised face.

At the local dispensary, everything is absolutely in order with the fire alarm


This garland is not afraid of any rains … But actually, no


The highest level of forklift proficiency


In case of fire, press the button with the note “Not working”


Have we already reminded you how important it is to always follow safety precautions?